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Corporate Matching

Corporate Matching Programs match, dollar for dollar, every contribution you make to the Foundation. Help us to meet or exceed the over $18,000 we earned in Matching Funds last year!

To find out if your company has a Matching Program, contact your Human Resource and/or Employee Relations Department. Or, it is quick and easy to find out if your employer has a corporate matching program by just clicking HERE. This link will also provide you with information on how to get the matching process started with your employer. 

Get started now!  If your company matches, you will need three pieces of information:


1.  The Montair Foundation Tax ID (94-3179784) number;

2.  The date you donated; and 

3.  The total amount of your donation (add the amount you donate to the Montair Foundation at Registration and the amount you donate for the grade level supplies.) 


Also, please let us know the names of your employers, as this information helps us track and discover employers new to corporate matching programs.. 


If you have any questions, please contact Deanna Powell, Matching Chair, at



Deanna Powell- Corporate Matching Funds Chair

Non-Discrimination Statement

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