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Teacher Directory

Transitional Kindergarten
Contact Amanda Eggiman  Amanda Eggiman Teacher
Contact Pamela Novi  Pamela Novi Teacher
1st and 2nd Combination
Contact Carey Shaw  Carey Shaw Teacher
2nd Grade
Contact Lynn Alamillo  Lynn Alamillo Teacher
Contact Dara Buzzard  Dara Buzzard Teacher
Contact Tami Clougher  Tami Clougher Teacher
Contact Lynn Dillon  Lynn Dillon Teacher
2nd and 3rd Combination
Contact Sushma Rathi  Sushma Rathi Teacher
3rd and 4th Combination
Contact Ellie Stern  Ellie Stern Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Taylor Castillo  Taylor Castillo Teacher
Contact Christine Derksen  Christine Derksen Teacher
Contact Jane Espinoza  Jane Espinoza Teacher
Contact Sarah Hernandez  Sarah Hernandez Teacher
5th Grade
Contact Deborah Christman  Deborah Christman Teacher
Contact Anelyse George  Anelyse George Teacher
Contact Sonda Perrings  Sonda Perrings Teacher
Contact Holly Scott  Holly Scott Teacher
Contact Kylie Strachan  Kylie Strachan Teacher
Contact Kim Bowles  Kim Bowles ART staff
Computer Lab
Contact Kaylyn Patricio  Kaylyn Patricio Computer Teacher and Support
Contact Michelle Barry  Michelle Barry Computer Teacher and Support
Contact Terri Knight  Terri Knight Music Instructor
Occupational Therapist
Contact Amy Sommer  Amy Sommer Staff
PE Instructor
Contact Donna Friend  Donna Friend PE Instructor
Contact Katie Thau  Katie Thau P.E. Teacher
Contact Sylvia Leick  Sylvia Leick Psychologist
Contact Margaret Klauber  Margaret Klauber Resource
Contact Leslie Graham  Leslie Graham Life Lab/ Science Para
Contact Susan Peterson  Susan Peterson Science Teacher
Speech Language Pathologist
Contact Natalie Chargin  Natalie Chargin Speech Therapist
Contact Anne Cherniss-Cooke  Anne Cherniss-Cooke SLPA
Contact Sarah Thomas  Sarah Thomas Speech Therapist
Intervention Teachers
Contact Kim Hensley  Kim Hensley Math Intervention Teacher
Contact Shannon Mundelius  Shannon Mundelius Literacy Intervention Teacher