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1/9/13 2:33 PM

Carey Culver Shaw


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October K3 Newsletter







Important Dates:

October 31 - Halloween Parade/ Party 8:30-12:00 (Early Dismissal)

November 1 - No School/ Teacher In-Service

   A big thank you to all of the parents who joined us at the pumpkin patch last Wednesday.  We could not have these great field trips without the help of our parent volunteers!  The kids had a great time and we have completed a narrative write of our field trip.  These will be fun to share with family and friends!

  • Tomorrow at 8:30 is the Halloween parade. Make sure and come early parking will be harder than ever! 
  • We begin the morning with our annual parade in which our students WILL BE WITH THEIR MAINSTREAM CLASS. After the parade the first graders will join the upper grade students performing the Thriller Dance. 


Here is the link to Thriller Dance if your kiddos wants to practice at home tonight:


  • Students should come to school dressed in their costume.  Students come to the classroom first and then parents proceed to the black top area for the parade.  


After the parade, we will return to our classroom for Halloween centers.  Parents are welcome to stay for all or part of the morning.  We will complete our centers at 11:15 and then students will go back to K3 to write about our exciting first grade Halloween Day.


**Don’t forget – No WEAPONS with costumes and Halloween is a minimum day so all students will be dismissed at noon.  I hope to see everyone tomorrow at the parade. ***


 In WRITING, we continue to work on narrative writes.  We are working on adding details to our writing and pictures. Good writers say, “when you think you are done, you have only begun.” You can help your child with this at home in their library notebook.  We also are working on putting a period after each thought and keeping our writing legible.  


In MATH, we have been working on addition problems (without objects in the picture to count).  Students have been encouraged (if needed) to draw small balls beside the problems or to use their fingers to help them figure out the problem. NUMBER SENSE AND THE UNDERSTANDING THE CONCEPT OF ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION IS IMPORTANT.  This week we will also be working work on subtraction problems without objects to count. Students are once again encouraged (if needed) to draw balls next to the problem to help them figure out the answer, by X-ing out the balls that they are subtracting.

 2 + 3=________

 0     0

0      0



In READING we are working on long and short vowels. Pete and pet, cute and cut and discussing the vowel in each word and whether it is a long of short vowel. We are also continuing learning new sight (trick) words that can’t be sounded out, but you just need to know.


First trimester sight words


Second semester sight words

Third trimester sight words


Have a great HOMEWORK FREE Halloween!
















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