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Spelling Instructions and Procedures

Spelling instruction and tests are not only given to evaluate students, but to enhance their language and writing skills. Students will frequently interact with their spelling words and be given numerous opportunities to use them in context.


At the beginning of a spelling unit, students will be pre-assessed. They will be assigned the basic list of 16 or the extended list of 26 based on their pretest score. They practice the misspelled words from the pretest with two activities in their journals each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This acquaints them with spelling patterns and rules. It also fosters good study skills. The test is every Friday. Students must be prepared to use five words from their list in context sentences on the test.


Personalized spelling lists go home every Tuesday.

Scholastic Book Orders

Class Activation Code: FYXRY

Book Order Due Date: TBA

Bring in Box Tops to Class
Bring in Box Tops to Class!

Mrs. Knott and Mrs. Mendonsa

Welcome to Room 205's Webpage!

Please take a look around and get a glimpse into your child's learning experiences in 205. You will find information about the teacher, our schedule, curriculum, and events. You also have access to Word, PDF, and Google documents (Locker Section). Also, check out our extensive list of educational links. They will entertain, engage, and educate your students all at the same time. Enjoy!

We Are Team 205!
We Are Team 205!

What's Up in Room 205?

Life is good in Room 205! We are a community of active learners with a knack for collaboration.


We have done some amazing team building; getting to know each other better and building relationships that will support us throughout our yearlong learning. Our theme is team! Ask students about our pennants, jerseys, and of course, our mascot. 


Our curriculum is almost in full swing. Below gives you a sneak peek into what we are doing in class. 


Thus far, Reader's and Writer's Workshop have been all about creating norms and practicing procedures. These students are naturals when it comes to workshop. We all had fun designing our Writer's Notebooks with inspirational images and decorating our "welcome mats" for our Reader's notebooks. In Writer's Workshop, we have moved onto brushing up our paragraph skills while learning the writing process in depth. In Reader's Workshop, we are learning about how to become more focused readers who choose "Just Right" books and read a variety of genres of literature.


In math we have discussed the purpose and prevalence of math in our daily lives. We are currently exploring how multiplication and division are related in our first math unit. You will find a Math News coming home in red folders about the latest topics we are targeting in our Eureka Math program. Refer to the link below for math support at home. We know the program and common core approach can be very different from that which you are familiar. ;)


In social studies we are learning about our earth and local community's geography. Each week, students do Daily Geography (DG) which features a different area of geography. They answer two questions per day to hone their geography skills. More importantly, they work on following directions and problem solving with a partner. These will be sent home each week in Wednesday folders.


Each week students will focus on a different grammar skill. They will reinforce their skills by proofreading and correcting sentences each day also known as Daily Language Practice (DLP).


Spelling instruction will begin in a couple of weeks. Each week will focus on a common pattern found in words. Students will sort words based on these patterns. They will then study them by doing fun activities each week for homework. Keep an eye out for information regarding how to do the activities and when they are due.


We do our best to update this site frequently. Please bookmark it and check it out occasionally to see what's up in Team 205. Kids love when you know about and ask them about their own little world at Montair. 

How do I find a "Just Right" Book?


Important Dates and Events

Forest Home Farms: Thursday, November 1st


One Room School House: Wednesday, January 9th


Glass Victorian House: Thursday, April 18th


Recorder concert: Monday, April 29th at 6:00PM in the MPR


Open House/Art Show: Thursday, May 16th at 6PM

Specialty Class Schedule

Monday: P.E.

Tuesday: Computer Lab

Wednesday: Science

Thursday (Every Other): Library

Friday: P.E.

Nightly Homework Schedule (Subject to Change-check planner)


  1. Read 20 minutes and Complete Log
  2. Math
  3. MOSH


  1. Read 20 minutes and Complete Log
  2. Math
  3. Two Spelling Activities


  1. Read 20 minutes and Complete Log
  2. Grammar
  3. Two Spelling Activities


  1. Read 20 minutes and Complete Log
  2. Math
  3. Two Spelling Activities


  1. Enjoy your weekend! We've all earned that!

Classroom Tech Programs & Quick Links

Educational Links

Which One Doesn't Fit


Online Thesaurus




Kid Dictionary Sites


Practice Multiplication Facts Online/Practice Timed Tests


National Geographic for Kids


The Art of Invention


Fun activities - by girls....for girls.


The History Place


The Library of Congress


Online Sudoku


Roald Dahl


Andrew Clement's Website


Educational Math Sites


Museums of the World


Animal Plane t


Spelling City-A fun way to study your spelling words!


Cursive Practice Sheets-Practice those letters we have learned in class at home


Museum Kids


Famous Artists


Discovery Kids


Explore the World with the Peace Corps


Computer Games and Challenges


Cool Math


Paint like Jackson Pollock with this cool program that uses action painting. Have fun! Jackson Pollock


Grammar site for fellow Grammar Geeks :)


Comic Generator


Book Leveling Sites and App


Math Support

Classroom Activity Links

Prehistoric Animal Facts





Megatherium (Giant Sloth)




Miniature Horse


Saber-toothed Cat–toothed_cat



Digital Citizenship License


Create Fractured Folktales


Pioneer Links


American Hero Links




MLK Activity


Coming to California


Pioneer Prices


Preposition Super Sentences


Idiom Resources