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Dream Box


ipad school code: v9b7/chxa

Sarah Hernandez Locker
8/21/18 3:26 PM
8/21/18 3:27 PM
1/11/19 10:56 AM
12/9/14 4:21 PM
12/11/15 8:37 AM
8/21/18 3:26 PM
2/9/16 10:27 AM
10/17/18 9:38 AM

Sarah Hernandez

Field Trips

Museum of San Ramon Valley: September 24, 25, 26, 29 TBD

Walk Through CA: Oct 25/26

Santa Clara Mission: February 14th 8:45Am-12:30PM

Hard Luck Lynn Guest Speaker: March 4th ( In House)

Columbia: March 7th  7:30AM-5PM

Angel Island: March 20th 8:45AM-5:30PM

Sacramento: May 14th 7:30AM-4PM

Family Symbaloo- Engage NY

Scholastic Book Orders

When ordering books through scholastic PLEASE use our class code so we can earn points to purchase new books for our classroom.

Class Code: L62HJ