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SRV Council of PTAs Exceptional Education: IEP 101 Presentation

Special Needs
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Montair PTA: Exceptional Education

Mission of Exceptional education Committee

The Mission of the Special Needs Comittee at Montair is to provide information and support to parents and staff so they can help children with special needs succeed.  We want to help all children and adults understand and appreciate challenges faced by children with special needs.  We advocate and work legislatively to secure and retain adequate laws and funding for children with special needs.

Click  here for more information about the special needs committee at the SRVUSD.

Did you know?

Safe Schools Tipline
To report any acts of school violence, bullying or vandalism, students, staff members, parents and community members are encouraged to call the district's anonymous tipline: (925) 820-5632.

Ability Awareness Program
SRVUSD has compiled a list of lessons to help elementary school children learn more about what it is like to have specific challenges. To explore more, read up on SRVUSD Ability Awareness Program


GOALS for Autism

Goals for Autism, Inc. is pleased to announce enrollment in social skills groups for adolescents aged 12-17 starting September 2011 in the San Ramon and Brentwood areas. Groups will utilize the empirically supported UCLA PEERS Program curriculum.  The groups will address topics such as:

  • Conversation skills
  • Appropriate use of humor
  • Choosing appropriate friends
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Participation in peer get-togethers
  • Bullying, teasing, and embarrassment
  • Handling disagreements

The PEERS program is parent-assisted; parent participation is not optional!  PEERS groups run for 28 weeks, once a week for an hour and a half.  For more information, contact Amy Bona, Director of Operations, at (415) 218-4157 or


Exceptional Education Committee Chair

We are looking for an Exceptional Education Chair. If you are interested, please email